Marque : Proraso

Get a new beard!

With its multiple benefits, this exfoliating paste with the fresh scent of Mint and Rosemary will quickly join your favorite treatments! Proraso Single Blade signs a single product for:

  • Exfoliate: deeply cleanses (impurities, dead cells, etc.) and tightens pores
  • Soften: the hairs are softer and silkier

This ritual is to be performed once or twice a week in the shower, before or after the beard shampoo!

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The Single Blade range by Proraso draws inspiration from modern gentlemen and the brand’s historic know-how to create unique treatments dedicated to beard and mustache maintenance.

Thanks to this exfoliating treatment formulated with Almond and Hazelnut Shell Powder, you give your beard a super clean! Goodbye impurities, dead cells, ingrown hairs, the skin is smoothed and the pores tightened.

Nourishing active ingredients such as Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil provide softness and hydration. The bristles are soft and silky which will facilitate the passage of the blade or the effectiveness of treatments such as beard oil for example.

You will also be seduced by its fragrance of Mint and Bergamot which leads to notes of Clove, Rosemary and Vetiver.

Our opinion: A new ritual to cleanse the beard!

On a daily basis, also consider using a comb or a beard brush, whichhelp eliminate impurities and stimulate the beard’s natural shine. Beard oil and beard balm will also be your best friends!