Marque : Parker


Do you tremble (yes just that) at the sight of a straight razor? Learn or rediscover old-fashioned shaving without the risk of cuts from the traditional straight razor! Praised by Master Barbers, this Shavette Parker N°34R SRW guarantees you an impeccable shave according to the rules of the art. You will appreciate its great practicality and ease of use. All you need to do is insert a half blade for an imminent shave. Nothing to sharpen, it’s ready! This ensures impeccable hygiene between uses.

  • Shavette razor: ideal for beginners or for beard contouring
  • Ultra-light shaver with a curved handle: easy to handle and comfortable to use
  • Metal and resin handle
  • Use with disposable blades
  • 1 box of 10 ASTRA blades supplied with
  • Shavette comes with user manual
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Since 1973, the family-owned Paker Safety Razor has been trusted by barbers around the world. Expertise, noble materials and timeless elegance for a precise, efficient and comfortable shave.

With rare finesse, proven resistance and undeniable reliability, Parker extends the hand of man to obtain an exceptional shave. With this Shavette Parker N°34R SRW you will find the ancestral gesture for a clean and impeccable shave. No more sharpening and honing, just a box of half blades. As you will have understood, the Shavette has many advantages over the straight razor: quick to use, hygienic and comfortable. A beautiful object that meets all the criteria for a traditional shave: expertise, authenticity and refinement. In short, the perfect combination of tool and hand for soft, preserved skin!