Marque : Proraso

Your shaving essentials in mini sizes!

This shaving kit allows you to get started or enjoy all the benefits of a traditional shave while traveling or on the weekend. Everything a gentleman needs is grouped together for a shave worthy of a professional!

  • The Refreshing and Toning Pre-Shave Cream (15ml) will prepare the skin and soften the hair, key to a comfortable shave.
  • The natural hair badger will allow you to apply the Refreshing and Toning Shaving Cream (10ml). The razor blade glides perfectly for an impeccable result.
  • Finally comfort your skin with our Sensitive Skin After Shave Balm (25ml). The protective actions of Green Tea and Oats will soothe sensitive skin (Alcohol-free).
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For three generations, between historical know-how and modernity, Proraso has been creating tailor-made treatments adapted to each stage of shaving.

For nomadic gentlemen, Proraso has created this travel kit which brings together in mini formats the essentials of a traditional shave: A shaving brush made of natural pig bristles, a pre- shaving and ashaving cream with Menthol and Eucalyptus for a softened skin, protection and a fresh, invigorating shave. The aftershave balm soothes and makes the skin soft and prevents minor redness, thanks to the properties of Green Tea and Oats.

Our opinion: Ideal for traveling light without sacrificing your traditional shave!